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The Familymoon on a Yacht

October 31, 2019
Posted by: Ryan

The idea for this article came to me as I was snuggling with my sleeping daughter. She had been sick for a week and wouldn’t leave my arms. As much as I love being her safe place, the amount of things I had to do and couldn’t do was overwhelming. I then remembered a previous client of ours, a mother of four, once told me how a crewed-yacht charter was the only vacation she would ever take, as it was the only vacation that could truly be hers too. And while I was holding my baby daughter and giving her all my love I couldn’t stop thinking…

« Take me on a Familymoon! »

A Familymoon is about spending time with the ones you love the deepest, in a relaxed environment where you can all enjoy each other’s company. It is about breaking away from the routine and leaving all your to-do lists behind. It is about being together and creating forever lasting memories.

I completely understand why this mother believed a family moon was only possible on a crewed yacht.
Let me explain:

The house chores will not follow you

While it can be fairly easy to leave the school and work responsibilities behind, house chores follow you wherever you go. And let’s face it, the person in charge at home usually still handles the biggest part of it while being on holidays too… Does cooking, cleaning, provisioning and organizing activities for the kids sound like a holiday to you? On a crewed yacht, the crew handles all of that, which means everyone in your family can. Just. Have. Fun!

Fun for everyone

Fun has a different definition depending on who you ask and finding a holiday that appeals to all family members can be challenging. On a crewed yacht charter though, the variety of activities are such that everyone will find their happiness: sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, eating, drinking and onshore exploration are a few of the many things you can do during your crewed yacht charter.

Quality family time

Thanks to the absence of responsibilities and the abundance of fun activities, the quality time spent with your family onboard is real gold. I have found the best quality time to happen at the end of the day, with cocktails and snacks served during sunset hour, followed by a two- to three-course dinner. Everyone shares the experience, talking and laughing about whatever happened during the day and anticipating what might happen on the following one. After dinner some families play cards and board games, while others marvel at the fishes swimming around the yacht (FYI, in the BVI those are tarpons not sharks!) – and the perfect day ends with the perfect evening.

No house chores; fun for everyone and quality family time. This is what you’ll find during your Familymoon on a crewed yacht charter. All you have to do is pick your destination and vessel. Personally, I’m daydreaming of French Polynesia on a two-crewed catamaran 10 years from now, where there will be plenty of clear wind and reef barriers for Ryan to kiteboard and the three of us to dive together…. Yes, you read my mind, it is never too early to start dreaming and planning!

Written by Maroussia Gust Spence.

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