The British Virgin Islands. Beach Bar

The British Virgin Islands’ Beach bars

October 3, 2019
Posted by: Ryan

The beach bars are an entire part of the British Virgin Islands’ -best known as ‘BVI’- local culture. I find it amazing that I can deepen my knowledge of a country by bobbing on its surface with a conch fritter in one hand and a ‘painkiller’ cocktail in the other. During a crewed yacht charter in the BVI, you will hop from island to island and in most bays there will be a beach bar ready to welcome you. Let’s look at my five favorites so you can get a taste of what is waiting for you.

The best local experience: Potters by the sea in Anegada

Picture yourself eating a freshly-caught lobster while drinking a rum punch, with your bare feet touching the sand, reggae music in the background and stars above your head. How does that feel? This is the authentic BVI experience.

After dinner the daily Limbo competition begins. I have competed many times and have always lost within the first few rounds – let’s see if you can do better!

The best ambiance: Foxy’s in Jost Van Dyke.

Foxy’s has been around since 1968. It was opened by Foxy, who is always around and happy to chat with you. The evenings here never end, and you will be dancing until dawn.

The New Year’s Eve party is one of a kind. Yachts have to anchor in the bay two days in advance in order to get a spot. By the time midnight comes, the beach is a giant amazing mess with every age and origin dancing in their swimsuits and bikinis, celebrating the new year in the best possible way.

The best cocktail: Soggy dollar in Jost Van Dyke

Around the corner from Foxy’s, the equally well-known Soggy Dollar bar stands as the proud inventor of the Painkiller cocktail, made of rum, fruit juice and grated nutmeg.

Soggy dollar opens during the day and I have had my favorite ‘Sunday Funday’ over there. The ambiance is festive and child friendly, with virgin cocktail options and beach games scattered under the palm trees.

Have a look at the gift shop, full of fun t-shirts with slogans such as: “don’t judge a man by the size of his dinghy”. To this day, Ryan -husband/manager- still wears his with great pride!

The most secluded: Cow wreck in Anegada

Located on the north shore of the island, this is as far north as you can go in the BVI. If you are motivated enough for the ride, you will be rewarded with a picture-perfect white sand beach and quietness as you very seldomly experience in this world. 

This is the perfect place to be at sunset, as you admire the colors slowly changing and the sun disappearing behind the water line hoping to catch the green light.

The most romantic: CocoMaya  in Virgin Gorda

CocoMaya is a five-star beach bar that is best enjoyed at sunset. Sit with your loved one on a two-sided swing by the bar or on a wooden bench by the burning wood fire.

Enjoy their Asian Latin fusion cocktail and food selection, which is presented like a work of art. Everything in CocoMaya calls for the perfect romantic evening.

Those are my favorites beach bars if I was asked to pick only five. Luckily, you don’t. On a crewed yacht charter vacation in the BVI, you will be able to stop along the way at many more, including the ones in Cane Garden Bays, The Pirate in Norman Island, Saba Rock and Leverick Bay in the North Sound… Like me and everyone that has been in the British Virgin Islands, you will create memories in those places that will last and make you laugh forever.

Written by Maroussia Gust Spence.