Sailing through the lockdown sea

April 9, 2020
Posted by: Ryan


Being forced to stay at home in order to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 was definitely not something I ever imagined I would experience. It wasn’t on my bucket list and I didn’t start the journey willingly. Yet, once I saw it as a long sail through the lockdown sea, I was surprised to find myself more and more at peace.


On day one, when we left sheltered waters to enter high seas, I felt sick. My body kept tensing up at the thought: “I want to go outside, but I cannot go outside, but I WANT TO go outside”. Once again, the rocking and rolling had left me unable to leave my cabin for days. Meanwhile, Ryan applied the principle that had got us through the few storms we had faced together: it doesn’t matter who is on watch, as long as always someone is. While I was sick with worry, he kept his position, steering our boat and holding the course.

Thankfully, I finally emerged and was able to join Ryan on deck, discovering a sea that was actually fairly calm. A healthy family of three being forced to stay in their comfortable home is not a storm, and we are some of the luckiest ones in these worldwide tough times.


Now that I had my sea-legs back, I could enjoy this journey by caring for the simple things. Cooking, gardening and board games became the joyful highlights of our days. We inspired ourselves from the sailors’ watch schedule and set a somewhat stricter home routine. We assumed knowing what was coming next in uncertain times would help us keep our sanity and make the most of this adventure.


Indeed, I have often noticed that being out at sea for extended time brings people closer together. The lockdown sea isn’t an exception since our family bond has been beautifully strengthened thanks to the current situation.


Since the situation is slowly settling in Spain, I am letting myself imagine we might soon reach our destination. Most of us will be eager and nostalgic at the same time. These dual emotions I have often felt when finally spotting land after weeks out at sea. Once we eventually jump on to the dock, our journey will be forever finished, and normality will catch up with us very quickly.


Sailing through the lockdown sea is challenging at times, for some of us more than for others, as we all got forced to embark on a journey we had not prepared for. Yet, every sea and ocean I have sailed through offered magical moments with dolphins swimming by the bow and whales jumping through the sunset.

Those magical sights are always there, as long as we stare at the horizon deeply enough.


Stay safe and see you on the other side.


Written by: Maroussia Gust


  • Terri Bernstein

    What a lovely piece Maroussia.. beautifully written….

  • Bonjour Maroussia,

    c’est bien agréable de constater votre optimisme … alors que la sortie du confinement n’est pas encore éminente en Espagne …
    peut être votre profession vous permettra de prendre la mer une heure ou deux dans quelques temps sous prétexte de dégourdir vos bateaux (???) …
    je constate sur Facebook que votre grande soeur va également bien … qu’en est-il de vos parents ?

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