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    • From LBS27,0000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 26.00 m
    • From LBS25,0000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 82.00 Ft
    • From €45,0000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 28.00 m
    • From €45,0000/week
    • 6 Cabins, 42.00 m
    • From $45,0000/week
    • 5 Cabins, 40.00 m
    • From $43,0000/week
    • 7 Cabins, 40.00 m
    • From €42,0000/week
    • 5 Cabins, 40.50 m
    • From $42,0000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 115.00 Ft
    • From €42,0000/week
    • 6 Cabins, 40.00 m

    Traditional single hull sailing yachts make up a large percentage of the yachts available for charter, ranging in all sizes and budgets. For the sailing enthusiast, this type of configuration charter yacht is most desirable due to the ability to sail closer to the wind than a catamaran.The heeling over effect, with the power of the wind filling the sails, is an incredible feeling that sailors seek.

    With easier and more comfortable upwind sailing, monohull yachts glide better through the water than a sailing catamaran does. This is something that single hull yacht lovers are not willing to compromise on! Mono’s also require less dockage space, making availability more abundant and affordability considerably better during peak season.

    There is no ‘better’ option when comparing and deciding on vessel types – it is simply down to your preference and budget..

    Our inventory is diverse – for more information contact us, and let our friendly brokers find your ideal sailing monohull and crew today!


    55ft Oyster - under sail
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