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  • From LBS15,0000/week
  • 3 Cabins, 78.00 Ft
  • From AU$156,0000/week
  • 5 Cabins, 40.00 m
  • From $105,0000/week
  • 5 Cabins, 37.00 m
  • From $46,2000/week
  • 2 Cabins, 55.00 Ft
  • From €45,0000/week
  • 5 Cabins, 30.00 m
  • From $45,0000/week
  • 4 Cabins, 101.00 Ft
  • From $45,0000/week
  • 3 Cabins, 68.00 Ft
  • From €45,0000/week
  • 4 Cabins, 101.00 Ft
  • From $45,0000/week
  • 4 Cabins, 92.00 Ft

Power or motor yachts have been around for a long time, and are extremely popular amongst charter clients around the world. Well known for their superior 5 star service – cuisine, accommodation and yacht equipment and toys- these powerful vessels are a desirable combination of high-end luxury and comfort.

Often boasting a full crew, a higher crew to guest ratio usually exists, enabling the team of professional crew members to cater to your every need, day and night. With more than enough hands on deck, charter guests are given the very best service there is to offer – in all aspects.

As the name ‘motor’ yachts implies, these impressive vessels have substantially larger engines than that of sailing vessels. With higher speeds of cruising, you will be able to reach your destinations faster, often managing multiple stops in a day. Pure power and speed!

To be noted, motor yachts will typically have a wide selection of water toys to enjoy during your luxury charter. Some of them include a giant water slide deployed from the top deck into the water. Jet skis, large tenders, towables, inflatables, wakeboards, electric bicycles (on shore) are to name just a few of the leisure equipment included on most of the larger power yachts.

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Power Yachts tied up - sunset
100ft Power Yacht Tecnomar Velvet
super yacht underway in Italy