How to book a yacht

Starting Out

The best way to book your charter yacht vacation is through an established yacht charter brokerage. In fact, it costs you nothing extra, since the commissions are covered by the ship’s owner. You get the services of an experienced industry professional, who will guide you and look out for your best interests when selecting the right boat and crew for your specific needs. MerexYachts Charter is delighted to offer you this service, and proud to make the entire process a positive and smooth experience.


  • All yachts publish the same rates to all brokers
  • Broker services are in essence “free” to you, the client
  • Industry professional can advise on best crews/yachts
  • Expert knowledge of charter destinations and itinerary suggestions
  • Access to search all yachts available for charter

Selecting a suitable yacht and crew

A great yacht broker will give you plenty of clear and precise information, including multiple options of charter yachts that fall within your budget, size and crew requirements. Your dedicated broker will always be ready to answer any questions you have, and negotiate anything you need on your behalf with the yacht, until you are satisfied and ready to choose the vessel you desire. The ability to view the crew profiles of the various yachts you are interested in, is also something that should be offered to you.

Finalizing the charter agreement contract

Once you have decided on a yacht, your broker will place a hold (option) on your dates. A hold allows you to pre reserve the yacht’s dates, giving you around a week to finalize the contract and deposit – with no other brokers able to book your dates (unless challenged).

Paper work can be a pain sometimes, but your charter broker will make this part a lot less painful, since he/she will handle it all on your behalf. It is really helpful to have a formal agreement between the ship’s owner and you, the client. This way you can feel confident in your reservation that nothing is left unturned, and clear for all parties. Your broker will do all the gathering of information for the contract agreement, and happily prepare it for you to review and signature. The yacht’s owner will countersign, completing the agreement. Here after, initial deposit payments or other can be made to the brokers’ escrow business account for holding until the payments are due to the vessel.

First deposit securing the reservation

Now that we have a signed agreement in place, the first deposit can be made to secure the reservation of your yacht and dates. Once received, your charter is confirmed and your contract terms follow until your charter start date.

Before the charter

After your final charter payment has been made, your broker will send you a preference sheet for completion. This document allows the crew to see your dietary requirements as well your preferences for your charter. It is important to complete this preference sheet with as much detail as possible, enabling the crew to tailor make your vacation as best as possible. Your chef (if booked) will use your food and dietary preferences to develop a menu specifically for your charter, taking all passengers into account.

Then, a couple of weeks prior to the charter start date, the crew will make contact with you to go over anything unclear or additional needed for your trip. Meeting points and flight arrival times can be discussed at this point.

Its charter time!

Now all you need to do is arrive at the yacht and be ready for a vacation of a lifetime! Your crew will welcome you with a friendly smile at the agreed upon meeting place, with your requested cocktails/mock-tails ready to begin your epic adventure, cruising on a luxury charter yacht, in some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world – while enjoying some of the finest cuisine and service money can buy.

Your dedicated broker will always be on standby during your charter, to receive updates, concerns or just a cool snap shot if you feel like sharing it.

After the charter

More often than not, saying goodbye to your crew on your final charter day, who have normally become new pals, can be a little sad. As they say, all good things must come to an end. But the beauty of it, is that you can certainly relive the experience again in the same location, with the same crew if you wish – or try a new location with a new crew.

After your charter, your broker will contact you to find out how the trip went and will take into consideration all your feedback. It’s always great to receive guest reviews from our clients.



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