Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a charter broker for booking my yacht charter holiday?

Using a broker brings you numerous advantages, such as 1st hand industry knowledge of boats and crew, as well as knowledge of locations and itineraries. Charter brokers facilitate the booking process between the owner, and you, the client. By using a broker, you are in essence getting the services of a charter broker free of charge, since the broker commissions are paid by the boat. Yacht rates are the same for all brokers – now that’s a no-brainer!

What extra fees can I expect to pay over and above the rate I can see on your website?

Depending on where you are chartering and the size of the vessel, different models apply. For example, if chartering in the Caribbean, most boats are chartered out as all inclusive. This generally means they include all food, drinks and fuel on the yacht. In the Mediterranean the rate normally has an APA amount added of 20%-35% – boat dependent – that covers all running costs during the charter (food, drinks, fuel etc.) There is also VAT that applies in most of the Mediterranean, which varies in each EU country.

In all cases, there is a customary 10%-20% of the rate online, which is for the crew gratuity that is given to the crew at your own discretion depending on your impression of the service, food and yacht.

Any onshore meals or activities are not included in the charter rate.

What if I want to scuba dive during my yacht charter?

Yes! Scuba diving on board is offered by some of the yachts available for charter, stocking full gear and a compressor to fill tanks, who also offer full instruction as well as guided dives for certified divers. If the boat you want does not carry scuba equipment on board, rendezvous diving is the normal practice readily available.

When is peak season and when is low season?

Each boat and location have different high and low season rates, and each rate can differ from week to week. To get an exact price in your preferred season, please enquire with our brokers.



What is a crewed yacht charter versus a bareboat charter?

Crewed yacht charters are charters that are run on boats that are managed by 1 single crew that live and work on one particular yacht. When booking a crewed yacht charter, you can be sure the yacht will be pristine, giving off a ‘homely feel’, from the professionals living on board. Bare boats are yachts that are rented out with no additional items. Typically if toys or crew are needed, they are hired for your trip specifically as an addition to the yacht rental.



How do payments work with my charter booking?

When booking more than 6 months in advance, 3 separate payments are applicable. 25% – upon signing the charter agreement contract, 25% – 6 months prior to the charter date, and the final 50% is payable 45 days prior to the start of the charter date.

What is the minimum amount of nights I can charter a yacht for?

The most common bookings, typically run for 7 nights. Some clients cannot take the full week off work, or for other reasons, and opt for a 5 or 6 night charter instead. When booking less than a week, the average nightly rate will generally be higher than when booking a 7 night charter. Most crewed yachts require a 3/4 night minimum, where some bare boats will go down to as little as 2 nights.

How do I know the crew will be a good fit for my guests?

This is one of the big advantages of using a charter broker. We are previous yacht crew from the same industry, attending the yacht shows to meet the crew and see boats – we know a bunch of them personally too. With an experienced eye for gauging crew and yacht details, our expertise allows us to match your group with the right yacht and crew, after a detailed discovery period with you, and also with the captain and crew. Rest assured, this is something we pride ourselves on, and our efforts have not led us astray until now.


What yacht toys can I expect to have on my charter?

As long as there’s enough space, there’s no limit as you may rent/request toys additionally if your preferred yacht does not have what you need. Standard toys on crewed yachts include SUP (stand up paddle board), kayak, towable inflatables and fishing gear. As the yacht increases in length and weight, more toys will normally be included like jet skis, electric folding bicycles, giant inflatable slides and Seabobs.

What are the cancellation terms on my charter booking?

Depending on the boat you have booked and the location, charter contracts can differ, and the cancellation policy is described in each contract clearly. If bad weather disrupts your charter, this can only be covered by your own trip cover taken out before the charter, which is highly recommended when chartering a yacht. Your dedicated broker will advise on the best channels to follow to have you covered for this.