Welcome to the Spanish Balearic Islands

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    The Balearic Islands are made up of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

    This Spanish group of islands offer dramatic coastlines with imposing mountains turning to rugged cliffs, which you will be able to marvel at, as you navigate. 

    Authentic Spanish culture can be experienced in all of these charter destinations, though each location really does offer a unique vibe.

    • Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, boasts the charming and cosmopolitan city of Palma as her capital. This famous tourist destination attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to experience its rich culture, history, cuisine, and irresistible Mediterranean vibe. Countless picturesque bays line the coast, with some only accessible by boat, lending them a real sense of seclusion.
    • Menorca is situated north east of Mallorca. The incredible natural beauty of this smaller island remains a secret to many. Attracting fewer tourists than Mallorca, even in the summer months of July and August, some secluded and non-crowded bays can still be found to explore all by yourself.
    • Ibiza lies to the South West of Mallorca and is similar in size to Menorca. This island is a hugely popular party destination and features some of the world’s most famous night clubs. It also offers stunning natural landscape. Party goers and families alike are drawn to Ibiza, to enjoy the picture-perfect beaches and delicious Spanish cuisine.


    Small Cala d'Hort beach, with a fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra. Ibiza Island, Balearic Islands. Spain
    Old town - Palma de Mallorca
    Macarelleta beach in Menorca - Balearic Islands