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    • From $22,700/week
    • 4 Cabins, 52.00 Ft
    • From $20,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 56.00 Ft
    • From $40,000/week
    • 5 Cabins, 67.00 Ft
    • From $36,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 70.00 Ft
    • From $14,000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 52.00 Ft
    • From €38,000/week
    • 5 Cabins, 68.00 Ft
    • From €28,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 66.00 Ft
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    • 4 Cabins, 63.00 Ft
    • From $36,200/week
    • 4 Cabins, 62.00 Ft
    • From $68,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 77.00 Ft
    • From €49,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 76.00 Ft
    • From $17,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 50.00 Ft
    • From LBS27,000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 26.00 m
    • From LBS25,000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 82.00 Ft
    • From $45,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 112.00 Ft
    • From €45,000/week
    • 3 Cabins, 28.00 m
    • From $45,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 101.00 Ft
    • From $44,500/week
    • 5 Cabins, 70.00 Ft
    • From $44,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 101.00 Ft
    • From $42,800/week
    • 5 Cabins, 76.00 Ft
    • From $42,000/week
    • 4 Cabins, 110.00 Ft

    One of the top 3 most popular sailing destinations in the world, the BVI is known for its stunning islands, incredible underwater life, white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

    The combination of over 80 individual islands set only a few miles away from each other, calm waters and fair winds, make the BVI an idyllic destination for groups of friends or families seeking a relaxing blend of sailing, snorkeling and onshore activities. 

    For first time charterers, the BVI is the perfect location, although many of our clients return annually for their ‘BVI family yacht vacation’ – to discover new bays and beaches, and to revisit their favorites anchorages.

    The BVI are easy access and depending on where you are flying from, your charter begins in St Thomas, USVI or Tortola, mainland BVI. Then, your exploration usually starts with Norman Island as you move in an anti-clockwise direction, stopping along the way at Peter Island, Salt Island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke while discovering the smaller islands en route.

    Our manager Ryan holds a special place in his heart for this paradise. Having spent over 6 years working as a captain on crewed yacht charters in the BVI, he also met his wife Maroussia in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. 

    Don’t wait any longer to discover the beauty of this destination that has, indeed, everything to fall in love with.

    Must do’s in The British Virgin Islands

    • Taste the famous local ‘painkiller’ cocktail at The Soggy Dollar bar in Jost Van Dyke
    • Dance until dawn at Foxy’s in Jost Van Dyke
    • Leap off the legendary Willy T in Norman Island
    • Sail to The North Sound of Virgin Gorda
    • Walk through the spectacular volcanic rock boulders at The Baths in Virgin Gorda
    • Enjoy a fresh lobster dinner in one of Anegada’s atmospheric beach restaurants
    • Scuba Dive the wreck of the RMS Rhone
    • Snorkel at the Indians and Anegada barrier reef.

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