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    The Bahamas and Exuma Cays stretch approximately 120 nautical miles south-east from Nassau Island – the capital of the Bahamas.

    This incredible chain of islands, also known as the “Out Islands”, offers favorable weather all year-round. With the layout of these islands being North – South, the steady easterly Trade Winds make for highly desirable sailing conditions in whichever direction you may be heading.

    There are always well-protected anchorages, shallow waters and incredible underwater life wherever you visit in this paradise of islands.

    The Bahamas are also well known for their “friendly” sharks which like to swim in some of shallower areas. Finally, the swimming spotted pigs are not be missed when cruising this area on a luxury yacht.

    Must do’s in the Bahamas

    • Snorkel the Thunderball Grotto at Staniel Cay where the underwater scenes in the James Bond movie were filmed.
    • Feed the famous swimming pigs at Big Majors at Staniel Cay.
    • Kayak to the Rocky Dundas Caves and snorkel the chambers.
    • Cruise through the Mangrove rivers at Shroud Cay to breathtaking beaches and spectacular views.
    • Snorkel the sunken DC 3 aircraft at Normans Cay.  
    • Feed the Bahamian Iguanas at Alans Cay that will scurry out to greet you on the beaches.


    Wild, swiming pig on Big Majors Cay in The Bahamas.
    Isolated Bohemian Beach
    Paradise Island, Nassau - Bahamas