COVID-19 and the yacht charter industry

March 29, 2020
Posted by: Ryan


First of all, we deeply sympathize with everyone affected  by the COVID-19 virus. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

As we all know, the COVID-19 health crisis has had a huge economical impact and like many others, the yacht charter industry and our family business have been drastically affected.  Here in Mallorca, Spain, we have been under lockdown for 14 days now, with another planned 2 weeks to go. Each day brings with it new challenges.

With  so many countries on lockdown, naturally there will be concerns about upcoming charter holidays. We, and everyone involved in the yachts charter industry, have done everything in our power to act in our clients best interests. Cancellations of charters due to Covid-19 related restrictions can be rebooked or rescheduled for a later date when it is possible to do so again. Our collective aim is not only to support the industry but also our relationship with all our clients.

We hope that this ‘global break’ is at least allowing some healing of our home – planet earth. With the absence of flying and tourism, natural traveling hot spots such as reefs, national parks and the air we breathe are all having a small chance to catch their own breath and recover without our footprint. One could say – bittersweet.

Here at Merex Yachts Charter, all of our clients have had the opportunity to modify their charter dates and most have already gone ahead and rebooked the same dates for 2021.

We will now take this time to improve our clients’ digital experiences and yachts portfolio so that we will be ready to resume business once we can all safely start traveling again.

We appreciate your continued support and wish you a safe and positive lockdown period wherever you are in the world. My family and I are working on our home, and bonding with each other in new ways as we learn to adapt to a new, temporary way of life going forward as best we can.


Written by: Ryan Spence

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