Cook like a pro – Isabella’s White chocolate cheese cake

December 5, 2019
Posted by: Ryan


Ask anyone that has been on a crewed yacht charter, the food is the highlight of the vacation. Guests are always blown away by the dishes coming out of the galley, which is no wonder based on how talented crewed-yachts’ chefs are.

Chef Isabella is no exception to this. The dishes she creates are exotic, modern and tasty. Every travel she takes is an opportunity to learn, meaning she has attended cooking schools in the Virgin Islands, the Balearic Islands, Thailand, the UK and South Africa. Yet, food is only one of her many talents. She is also a qualified yacht master and a PADI dive master. By spending a week onboard with her, you will keep on being amazed by how much she knows at such a young age – she is only 24 and that puts me to shame!

Currently, Isabella is working with her partner, Captain Paul, on Something Wonderful. It is a chorestwo-crewed catamaran of 58ft, that can accommodate up to 8 guests. During the Winter months the yacht is based in the British Virgin Islands and in the summer, she sails south to the Grenadines. She is available for charter and you can have a look at her online brochure here.

Yacht Something Wonderful, Captain Paul and Chef Isabella

Among all the recipes Isabella knows, I asked her to share her White chocolate cheesecake because it is decadent, very easy to make and it has a great story!

On October 2017, Isabella, Ryan, Nathalie and I sailed across the Atlantic together –you don’t know who Ryan and Nathalie are? Get the answer  here-. After 7 days out at sea with no wind, we started to lose hope and that is when Isabella decided to make her White chocolate cheesecake. It did not bring any more wind for us to sail, but it definitely lifted up our moods! So much that we decided to make it again and again, until we ran out of the ingredients.

Isabella and I in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean


Here is the recipe:


Serves 8


  • 2oz (50g) of butter
  • 5oz (150g) of digestive biscuits
  • 11oz (300g) of white chocolate chips
  • 14oz (400g) full-fat cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1⁄4 pt. (150ml) soured cream
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 160 degrees C / 300 degrees F. Grease and line the base of a spring form cake tin.
  • Make the base: melt the butter in a pan over low heat. Crush the biscuits and stir them into the butter. Press evenly in the spring from pan. Chill in the fridge.
  • Make the filling: melt the white chocolate in a bowl over simmering water. Stir until melted and then remove the bowl. Whisk the cream cheese and eggs together until smooth. Add the soured cream and vanilla extract. Whisk again until smooth. Stir in the melted chocolate and mix together. Pour the mixture into the tin and spread evenly over the chilled base.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for 45 mins until it is firm around the edge and just set in the middle.

You can eat this cheesecake as soon as it has cooled down. However, if you have enough self-control -which we did not have at the time-, leave it in the fridge overnight and eat it the next day, it will taste even better.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Writing about this cheesecake brought back so many memories that I got all the ingredients to make it again as soon as I was done writing this article!


Written by: Maroussia Gust-Spence

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