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    If you’ve never sailed on a catamaran before, here are some awesome benefits to enjoy which differ from those of traditional singlehull yachts. If you have spent time on one of these vessels, you’ll agree they are a fantastic option. They are available in both sail and power configurations.

    Gaining popularity at a steady pace, catamarans are designed with 2 identical hulls, in a multihull configuration, resulting in a much wider beam. This means lots of extra deck areas for lounging and relaxing during your yacht charter vacation.

    If your idea of a dream holiday is a week aboard a yacht, but worry that it won’t be spacious enough, then a catamaran is for you. The sense of space cannot be compared to that of most singlehull yachts in the same size range. Heeling over need not be a concern either, since unlike single hull sailing vessels, they are not affected by the force of the wind. Cats truly do feel more like a floating boutique hotel or large apartment.

    Cats stay upright, stable and comfortable – especially at anchor. They are typically higher performance in terms of speed due to their multihull design, twin engines and faster hull speed.

    Cats usually have more cabins too, allowing for larger groups of friends and family to come together for special celebrations or annual vacations, in true luxury state-room accommodation.

    Featuring a shallow keel, catamarans are able to access shallow water bays, where most single hull vessels are not able to navigate. Anchoring within a few meters of a beach is often common practice for these innovative vessels.

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